Iain Catling

Iain Catling is the co-founder and CEO of AudioSalad, a software platform that provides metadata and media asset management and operational functionality for rights holders – record labels, artists, and distributors. He brings a passion to build technology that empowers its users to drive revenue through improving operations and content monetization.

An Electronic Engineering graduate from University of East Anglia (United Kingdom), and winner of the IEE/IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) award (‘Code Excited Linear Predictive Speech with data in a single channel’) Iain joined Goldman Sachs International in London, before moving to New York City, where he became a Vice President of Technology, focusing on Goldman Sachs’ growing Prime Brokerage technologies.

A technical leader, Iain is now a well-known figure in the Independent music sector and a regular speaker at conferences including SXSW, MusicBiz & Indie Week where he has spoken on the impact and opportunity of technology to the music industry.